Thank you for your corporation.
DGC's pre-sales have been completed.
Now, dealings are possible at GATEHUB.
Click here for GATEHUB DGC chart

Prior to the coming virtual currency era, Digital Gold Laboratory issued its own virtual currency collateralized by "gold mining right".

Platform that is “Reliable” and “Proven”

DG (Digital Gold) is an XRP Ripple coin type virtual currency already proven as a virtual currency as a result of the investment by Google. It has a token on the Ripple network, the exchange is on GATEHUB in London, and the wallet for account is using REVOLLET platform. With REVOLLET's E-wallet, ATM cashing becomes possible with an interlocked prepaid debit card. It is also available overseas ATM


Backbone of Resource Development

Digital Gold Laboratory have tied up with mineral resource development companies,
We will develop our own business model
with profit from gold mining business as backbone.

Among many alto coins, Digital Gold will increase its value
as a coin with the entity "gold mining right".


Asset management is the time for Virtual Currency now !

It is a well-known fact that Bitcoin has temporarily lowered its value
in the Mount Gox case, but has continued to raise its value since then!

Why can Bitcoin continues to raise the value?
That's because the virtual currency has a mechanism that keeps value across the country.
DG (Digital Gold) which we issue is a virtual currency with a high investment profit with
"gold mining right" as collateral among many alto coins.
Asset management is steady at DG, usage is easy with Bitcoin, it is such a time.

Please do not hesitate to ask us why DG is steady, get material to know !


Handling DG exchange

In March 2017, DG (currency unit: DGC) was
listed on the exchange connected to RippleNetwork, such as UK GATEHUB.
Already it is possible transactions in the exchange,
from 2018, it will be the possible currency exchange of at REVOLLET WALLET.
Also, the development of the original DG-WALLET has begun.