Digital Gold Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Established:1st April, 2016
Representative:Kenji Fujita
Capital:HKD 10,000
Head Office:Level 19, Two International Finance Centre, 8 Finance Street, Central, HongKong
Phone&Fax:+852-2251-8866(Phone) +852-2251-8822(Fax)

[Business Description]

Gold mining development support project:
We have made business alliance with mining development company with gold mine digging right and support gold mining development project.
In the future, we aim to issue and sell the real "Digital Gold Coin" using pure gold mined there.
Publish virtual currency:
We have found "the universal value and the common value that gold has" in the virtual currency. Without relying on banks and governments, we believe virtual currencies that can exchange values anywhere in the world are currencies similar to "GOLD", and we publish "Digital Gold" by our own development.
Promotion project promoting DG:
Our company creates various business models to spread DG as virtual currency for settlement after BITCOIN. In the near future, DG will be used in the market scene around the world, aiming to be in touch with everyone. Its goal is to increase the value of DG itself and to bring capital gains to all those who own it. Please expect from our efforts.

This is an optimal platform that combines safety and convenience !

If you own DG, you will be provided with a dedicated My Page, and REVOLLET account will be created automatically. The REVOLLET account is accompanied by an E-wallet (electronic wallet) function, and it is easy to exchange currencies such as Yen, Dollars, and other virtual currencies represented by Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum. In addition, you can also withdraw cash at ATMs around the world by using REVOLLET debit cards. DG has a token in TOKYO GATEWAY and exchange with ripple is possible. Your DG coins are strongly protected by The Ripple Network, you can exchange it for Ripples with simple operation, and exchange money into Bitcoins will make it easy to settle in various scenes. DG will promote dissemination activities as much as possible to become capital gains high alto coins.

Easy settlement, various currency exchange, overseas remittance, asset management
It is the virtual currency that you can do them easily and easily !

Unlike credit cards, there is little commission for settlement with Bitcoin, so Net-shops and real stores that introduce Bitcoin payment are increasing rapidly. Also, unlike banks, you can make overseas remittances without an additional fee if you have an REVOLLET E wallet. And even if your own economy fails, your coins (assets) will be protected. In recent economic circumstances even economists can not look forward, it may be one of the wisest ways to operate and use virtual currency. While using Bitcoin whose usage infrastructure is rapidly expanding, operations are carried out with high profitable alto coins with little fluctuation. Rather than doing a highly specialized equity investment, such a method may be suitable for individuals. DG will promote dissemination activities as much as possible to become capital gains high alto coins.